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  17  Galway


  Galway, the largest county in the province of Connacht, lies to the west of Ireland by the coast.  The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times in places like Connemara.  Galway City is known as the capital of the west.  It is a magical city as even its name comes from Gallaimh, a mythological princess who drowned in the river nearby.  In 1477 Christopher Columbus stopped over in Galway city with a fleet of ships and was given a blessing in St. Nicholas's Church.  The Spanish Armada also stopped in Galway to take shelter, and Galway soon established good trading links with Spain.  By the middle of the seventeenth century Galway was a great city until an English ruler named Cromwell invaded.  Galway was soon became poor and over-crowded as Cromwell had seized all the wealth of the city.  The final blow was the great Famine 1846-1849.  It is only today that Galway has fully recovered.
  Nora Barnacle, Joyce's wife, was born there to parents in Sullivan's Lane on March 21, 1884.  Her father was a baker, an also a heavy drinker, kept his large family poor, according to Richard Ellmann's biography James Joyce (rev. 1982, p.157).
  Coole Park, the home of Lady Gregory, and also the setting of W. B. Yeats' famous poem "Wild Swans at Coole" is about twenty-four miles outside Galway on the Gort/Limerick road.  Moreover, Yeats' tower Thoor Ballylee is very close to the park.

References to Galway in Joyce's works

`O, do go, Gabriel,' she cried. `I'd love to see Galway again.' ("The Dead," 0532; Dubliners, Gabler & Hettche 1991)
`It was a person I used to know in Galway when I was living with my grandmother,' she said. ("The Dead," 1445-46; Dubliners, Gabler & Hettche 1991)
`I used to go out walking with him,' she said, `when I was in Galway.' ("The Dead," 1460-61; Dubliners, Gabler & Hettche 1991)
`Perhaps that was why you wanted to go to Galway with that Ivors girl?' he said coldly. ("The Dead," 1463-64; Dubliners, Gabler & Hettche 1991)
And he was ill at the time in his lodgings in Galway and wouldn't be let out, and his people in Oughterard were written to. ("The Dead," 1510-12; Dubliners, Gabler & Hettche 1991)
`And then when it came to the time for me to leave Galway and come up to the convent he was much worse and I wouldn't be let see him, so I wrote him a letter saying I was going up to Dublin and would be back in the summer, and hoping he would be better then.' ("The Dead," 1521-25; Dubliners, Gabler & Hettche 1991)
  (*Gabriel Conroy's wife Gretta is from Galway.)

02.326.  industries. Liverpool ring which jockeyed the Galway harbour scheme. (Ulysses)

12.0185.  of the Mohicans, the Rose of Castile, the Man for Galway, The Man that (Ulysses)

12.1262.  --Save them, says the citizen, the giant ash of Galway and the chieftain elm
12.1263.  of Kildare with a fortyfoot bole and an acre of foliage. Save the trees of
12.1264.  Ireland for the future men of Ireland on the fair hills of Eire, O. (Ulysses)

12.1296.  --And our eyes are on Europe, says the citizen. We had our trade with
12.1297.  Spain and the French and with the Flemings before those mongrels were
12.1298.  pupped, Spanish ale in Galway, the winebark on the winedark waterway.
      (Cf. 12.1302 & 12.1304) (Ulysses)

15.1413.  tabard, the Athlone poursuivant and Ulster King of Arms.  They are
15.1414.  followed by the Right Honourable Joseph Hutchinson, lord mayor
15.1415.  of Dublin, his lordship the lord mayor of Cork, their worships the
15.1416.  mayors of Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Waterford, twentyeight
15.1417.  Irish representative peers, sirdars, grandees and maharajahs bearing
15.1418.  the cloth of estate, the Dublin Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the (Ulysses)

16.0962.  There were wrecks and wreckers, the keeper said, who was evidently
16.0963.  au fait.
16.0964.  What he wanted to ascertain was why that ship ran bang against the
16.0965.  only rock in Galway bay when the Galway harbour scheme was mooted by
16.0966.  a Mr Worthington or some name like that, eh?  Ask the then captain, he
16.0967.  advised them, how much palmoil the British government gave him for that
16.0968.  day's work, Captain John Lever of the Lever Line. (Ulysses)

140.36.  while I'll be drowsing in the gaarden.  d) Dalway.  I hooked my
141.01.  thoroughgoing trotty the first down Spanish Place, Mayo I make,
141.02.  Tuam I take, Sligo's sleek but Galway's grace.  Holy eel and
141.03.  Sainted Salmon, chucking chub and ducking dace, Rodiron's not
141.04.  your aequal! says she, leppin half the lane. (Finnegans Wake)

190.28.  slackly shirking both your bullet and your billet, you beat it
190.29.  backwards like Boulanger from Galway (but he combed the grass
190.30.  against his stride) to sing us a song of alibi, (the cuthone call over (Finnegans Wake)

458.08.  words. And, listen, now do enhance me, oblige my fiancy and
458.09.  bear it with you morn till life's e'en and, of course, when never
458.10.  you make usage of it, listen, please kindly think galways again
458.11.  or again, never forget, of one absendee not sester Maggy. Ahim. (Finnegans Wake)

495.11.  ner.  When Lynch Brother, Withworkers, Friends and Company
495.12.  with T. C. King and the Warden of Galway is prepared to
495.13.  stretch him sacred by the powers to the starlight, L.B.W. Hemp,
495.14.  hemp, hurray! says the captain in the moonlight.  I could put (Finnegans Wake)

Eyre Square
  After the concert at Eyre Square Centre.
(Saturday 19 July) After the concert at Eyre Square Centre
William Street
  William Street
(Saturday 19 July) Browne & Thomas, William Street
(Saturday 19 July) William Street
Shop Street
  Shop Street
(Saturday 19 July) A street musician, Shop Street
Saturday market
  Saturday market near St. Nicholas Church
(Saturday 19 July) Saturday market near St. Nicholas Church
Nora Barnacle's House
  Nora Barnacle's House, Bowling Green
(Saturday 19 July) Nora Barnacle's House, Bowling Green
(Saturday 19 July) Nora Barnacle's House, Bowling Green


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